Coal Forge Videos – How to use a coal forge, why buy a coal forge and more

 Here you can find videos which I have uploaded of my work.

1. How a side-blast forge works
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2. This one is myself making a Tue-Iron for one of the forges I also create:


3. Our coal forges being used at the International Blacksmith Festival 2014:

This is a video of Greystone Forge forges being used for the competitions at the International Blacksmith Festival 2014. Each competitor has up to 2 hours in which to create something based on a particular theme. These forges were used all day, every day for 4 days and were highly regarded by all competitors.


4. A few more of our coal forges. The 24″ x 27″, the 27″ by 30″ and the portable forge.

Again, this footage was taken at the International Blacksmiths Festival 2014 which showcases some of the worlds best blacksmiths. Greystone Forge forges were used throughout the competition and were very highly regarded by those who used them. So good in fact that we sold 3 of the four forges that we had at the festival


3. How does a side-blast coal forge work? Mike Judd explains how Greystone Forge forges work and how to set up a coal forge:

Our latest video shows how a side blast coal forge works, complete with detailed information on the blower, tue-iron and bosh. Mike Judd demonstrates how the water system cools the tue-iron in the heat of the red hot coals. This is a forge that we have just made.