Front double hearth 2

6′ x 36″ Twin Hearth Forge

Front double hearth 2This is a double hearth forge. It comes with two boshes, two Tue-Irons and two powerful Blowers (the blowers have air slide control).

The forge also comes with a large capacity quenching trough with tong rail.

The hearth is 6 feet long, 36 inches wide and the height of the forge is 6 feet 6 inches. The fire brick is under the tue-iron. Blowers are 230-240v and fitted with 13amp plug. I can deliver anywhere in the world, costs vary.


Front double hearth           Back double hearth 2Back double hearth            Double hearth packaged

All forges are made to order. They are securely packaged and sent by courier so delivery time is usually pretty fast.